Small Business Advertising No Linger Works Without a Strong Social Media Component

Take a look at these statistics:
  • There are 26 Billion online videos viewed each month in the US alone.
  • One in every fourteen people on the planet have a FaceBook account.
  • There are nearly 200 million Twitter accounts.
  • There are almost 2 billion desktop and laptop computers worldwide.
  • There are 5.6 billion mobile phone accounts in use worldwide.
  • There is a 96% open rates for text messages.

Small business advertising in the past has depended on newspapers, fliers, yellow pages and storefront signs. This will not work in today’s marketplace.  Internet and mobile marketing are fast becoming the only real game in town…and they both are moving rapidly toward more integration with social media functionality.

Mike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser fame (an online video distribution service) has recently launched a new product that focuses on small business advertising through social media outlets and mobile marketing.

Small Business Advertising - Social MediaSocial Media Marketing Machines is set He is set to launch sales of the new small business advertising system on Monday December 13 and is designed to teach students how to dominate local search for local small business advertising.

Most small businesses are no where near tapping into the potential available with marketing online.  Even those who are trying to gain internet capital are not going about it the right way.  Education is paramount, and sites like BusinessTM with their extensive library of educational articles, their consultants and their  business opportunities are becoming more crucial all the time.


Courses like Social Media Marketing Machines are also incredibly helpful, especially for brick and mortar businesses or niche internet businesses who need a comprehensive training and platform to market themselves in a world they may not be that familiar with.


People are spending their time online and on their smart phones and that’s where marketers need to be to reach them.

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