The last few years have been rather tough economically, in fact they have been amongst the worst we have seen for many years. This has prompted many people to look for new careers, and ways in which to make money, particularly those who have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs. Many have attempted to become entrepreneurs. This can take 2 forms political and market. Not many people may ask what is a political entrepreneur.

There are a few differences between the market entrepreneur, and the political. The former is one that takes full advantage of the free market, by inventing, and concocting ideas in order to make money. They will do this by offering the best prices for the highest quality goods and services to their customers, and the consumer.

The political businessman will take an entirely different path. They will endeavor to make their money by the use of contacts with the government. There are many ways in which they achieve this, but the most common are by political campaign contributions, lobbying and generally networking within the government.

All of the above mentioned tactics used are to attempt to win government contracts such as construction contracts in order to collate vast sums of money. The actions can also be used to try to enforce new rules and regulations within the field of business they operate that would make it easier for them to operate.

It has even been known for entrepreneurs within politics to use their government contacts to attack, or attempt to compete against their competitors. Obviously, in all types of business you are always in battle with your competitors, but having political contacts can be a great asset.

So in answer to the question what is a political entrepreneur, it is one that has considerable contacts within, or close to the government, that is able to use these contacts to help their business grow and become more profitable.

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