If you are seeking to create a business for yourself, and yet remained pressed by certain societal issues that would seem easily corrected with solutions that you can innovate, you may be able to solve both of these problems in one fell swoop. Becoming a social entrepreneur will enable you to harness and use your motivations and talents profitably and towards a better world end. What is a social entrepreneur? This type of entrepreneur is a visionary who uses their business skills to advance ideals that may benefit a particular society or societies.

Regardless of their personal niche, this individual will channel their passion and incite like passion through the enlistment of others in their plight to change the world, whether on a small, or large scale. The solutions that he or she will provide will be ethical, easy and cost-effective to implement. They are also generally approaches that would otherwise go unfunded, without the voice of private interest.

While it would seem that an entrepreneur that operates within the social realm would be an idealist, this individual is usually a visionary that operates in the realm of realism instead. People such as this usually utilize opportunities that have gone overlooked or find new ways of funding them or cutting costs on the process of implementation. By implementing viable solutions on a large scale a social entrepreneur can create large scale and long term change for the better.

There have been numerous such innovators over the course of history. Their personal fields of accomplishment have been varied and widespread. These individuals have changed the course of events for people by making possible changes and improvements that could enhance the quality of life or lessen the hazards of certain occupations or lifestyles. It is important to not that in many cases, without their contributions many forms of social change might have been delayed or done away with entirely.

Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony and John Muir are all examples of social entrepreneurs. By choosing to live a lifestyle that proactively fought for social change these individuals were able to worthy names of themselves and create better conditions in their fields. Their combination of idea marketing genius and strong, working solutions made it possible to bring large scale change that endures.

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