The prospect of being able to work at home is attractive to many people from all walks of life. It is of particular benefit to new moms who have young children to care for. Work at home moms are able to retain a respectable income while giving their children the love and attention they need—and not having to pay for a regular babysitter certainly sweetens the deal. Work at home positions are also sought after by entrepreneurs, retirees, writers, and more. The following is a list of the top ten work at home jobs on the market today.

Job Opportunities From You Home

1. Internet/Affiliate Marketer. If done the right way, this is the mother of all work at home jobs. You have to be willing to put in a hefty amount of research in order to come up with a legitimate opportunity that’s worth your time and effort. Internet marketing is so desirable because of the very real possibility of earning multiple passive income streams. Financial freedom is something that’s often talked about in Internet marketing circles, and while it is certainly possible, you have to be willing to put in years of hard work in order to attain it.

2. Web Developer/Designer. The majority of work at home jobs come from the information technology sector. Computers are part and parcel of modern life; after all, it’s the Internet that makes every single one of these work at home opportunities possible. Naturally, web developers are in high demand. They custom design websites, host web services, code updates, and more.

3. Data Processing. This is a common work at home position, with some paying better than others. It is becoming more and more cost-effective for companies to outsource data processing positions to those who are motivated self-starters with a solid work ethic. This is often appealing to work at home moms.

4. Translator. Companies all over the world are eager to hire skilled work at home translators, particularly when it comes to rarely-spoken languages. In scientific and technical consulting fields, the work at home translator’s income can exceed $100,000 per year.


5. Transcriptionist. Often a freelancing position, this work at home job requires the applicant to transcribe and edit recorded reports. The pay is solid, especially for medical transcriptionists. They can work at home and still make over $20 per hour.

6. Virtual Assistant. This work at home job has the potential to be surprisingly lucrative, paying up to $100 per hour. Virtual assistants provide administrative and clerical support. Small companies that don’t want to hire permanent employees often turn to work at home virtual assistants to fill in secretarial gaps.

7. Online Tutors. This is an excellent work at home opportunity, particularly for college students, retired teachers, or just about anyone who has extensive knowledge of a subject and enjoys helping others.

8. Writer/Editor. Probably the most popular and accessible work at home job of all, it’s surprising to learn that freelance writing and editing rarely pays more than 100 dollars a day. Average journalists and contracted writers and editors earn very little per piece, but those who persevere can still turn a hefty profit, particularly in the copywriting industry.

9. Call Center Representative. Often those who process your catalog or direct sales order do so from the comfort of their own homes. This is a rapidly growing industry because many companies are trying to limit offshore outsourcing by employing customer service reps from around the States (aptly called “homeshoring”). This is an extremely flexible work at home job; some reps are able to schedule work shifts that last as little as 15 minutes.

10. Online Paid Surveys. You can make a decent part-time income participating in a work at home survey opportunity, but you have to be careful about avoiding scams. If legitimate, certain online focus groups may even pay 100 dollars or more just for your opinion. When filling out questionnaires or giving verbal feedback, make sure to be as honest and as detailed as possible.

On a final note, it’s very important to research your work at home opportunities thoroughly before making a commitment. Watch out for scams and be willing to make concessions. You may find either part-time or freelance work that doesn’t amount to much on its own, but combine the two, and you’ll be the earner of a respectable income with all the perks that come with working at home. Keep your eyes open for that one game-changing opportunity that can transform your life; they’re out there, you just have to be ready to meet them.
written by: Justin Hyne

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