Are you trying to achieve viral marketing? If you are involved in any kind of work at home business then I will bet that you probably are. Many people and businesses from all different sectors have realised the power of the internet to increase their leads and prospects and many are paying thousands of dollars on PPC and other advertising services to generate traffic. More recently, YouTube has been instrumental in creating videos which have allowed people to get out to a huge audience pretty much for free making it a viable alternative to PPC. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have also given a further outlet to such marketing techniques.

Going viral is therefore the ultimate goal for anyone trying to generate huge traffic at low cost. The problem is though that viral marketing is not something that you can just create. Even people who have created a viral video have no real idea how they did it and struggle to recreate the same interest in their next one. So, is it possible to create viral marketing?

Facebook Changes the Rules on Viral Marketing

Well, today Facebook have just changed the rules and given a great way to achieve viral marketing. Now was this intentional? You bet! Viral marketing traffic means more interest for them and therefore better all round. So, how have they changed things. Well, if you have ever become a fan of something on Facebook then you will have gone to the page and clicked on the ‘become a fan’ button. Once you did this you will then start to get emails and posts from this page. If you look at those same pages today though you will now see that they have changed ‘become a fan’ to ‘like’ and this may not seem like much but it has given a real good boost to possible viral marketing.

The thing is, when you see a post on someones wall and you click the ‘like’ button it used to just mean that you liked that post but now if you click on the ‘like’ button on a post from a group or fan page then you automatically become a fan of that page too. This is like a gold rush for viral marketing.

So what does all this mean for viral marketing? Well, this is going to make group and fan pages start to increase in size a lot quicker and it won’t be long before a lot more of these pages start to go viral as more and more people like the posts that are being produced and therefore the more posts will be produced and so on. This is the essence of viral marketing.

So, if you have a work at home business and you’re not on Facebook with the intention of marketing yet then I suggest you get over there and start creating your own group and fan pages and join the viral marketing revolution!

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Justin Hyne

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